Monday, April 18, 2011

On The Road...

Hello everyone,
We've been trying not to burn you all out by blogging too much. We left Bozeman with our moderately jam-packed U-Haul last Monday morning, after checking out of our apartment that was very clean thanks to the help of great friends (Kara and Trey). We spent a long day driving to Mandan, ND at 55mph - it was a beautiful day and we had lunch on top of Pompey's pillar but we were sure "over" crawling across eastern MT. As a bonus though, we got to enjoy the sun setting over the badlands in our side mirrors. We enjoyed getting to visit and catch up with our friend Preston. We then traveled farther east than Shane has ever been before going to Carol's dad's house in Brainerd, MN. We unloaded our stuff there and took our MN driver's license tests - we passed - woo hoo! We also spent some nice time with Carol's dad and then drove down to Minneapolis to visit grandma, grandpa, auntie and cousin - as well as good friend Andrew. They all took us to the Mall of America. We rode a roller coaster at "Nikleodian land" and saw lego land - amazing! We have a few photos that we will try to upload soon. Today, we arrived in Des Moines, Iowa to visit some friends and the university campuses. We went for a walk and everything is budding and green here, we also saw many bright red cardinals! Summing up the last week, we have been driving and really appreciating our time with friends and family.
Best to all, Shane and Carol

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