Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Countdown

Thanks to everyone who came to our party last night! What a great time, and a nice chance to see everyone - we will miss you all. I'm taking this little break to share with you the unglamorous part of leaving for the Peace Corps - our house on moving! We got our U-haul today, the countdown begins. We leave for MN bright and early Monday morning. We have been taking a couple pictures over the last few days. I will try to figure out how to post those. Enjoy! If anyone has any fun/clever/witty suggestions, we would love to re-name the blog something more interesting. Also, if you have signed up for the email update thing - let us know if it works well.

Best of everything to you all, and we will try to hold off on further posts until we have something cooler than our messy apartment to share:-) Signing off to go vacuum mini-blinds.
Shane and Carol

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  1. Just a reminder Nadine Gordimer's book is Telling Times, non-fiction writing & living in South Africa1954-2008. Deals w/history, culture, politics, apartheid in 91 various pieces. So beautiful, haunting and intriguing. Enjoy! M