Pre-PC pics

On the (slow) drive through Eastern Montana we took a break at Pompey's Pillar outside of Billings.
It was a beautiful day and we were the only ones up there.

Lego Land - all of these are Lego "sculptures"

Roller Coaster Ride with Andrew

Lego Land with Nickleodianland in the background

Enormous REI! There is a climbing wall inside!


It's spring in Des Moines

Shane at the birthplace of John Wayne

Clint Eastwood's favorite bridge in Madison County (it is the longest too)

Cedar Bridge

Cutler-Donahoe Bridge

Steam Tugboat engine - how steam-punk is this?

Shane and Dad driving a freighter

Lift Bridge in Duluth

Carol's favorite rest area on the border of MI and WI

Presque Isle River outlet into Lake Superior

Presque Isle River with Dad and waterfalls in the background

Sunset over Lake Superior in "The Porkies"

The sun has set on another day

Carol doing "Tree Pose"

Sunrise over the waters of Lake Superior in "The Porkies"

Whitetail Cabin

The setting of Whitetail Cabin

Lake of the Clouds
On the rainy/snowy tour of the Keewenaw penninsula, we stopped at the Gay Bar in Gay, MI

Our second cabin on the lake

The view of Lake Superior (in a not so happy mood) from our cabin

Carol's (and Shane's) new backpacker spice wheel!!!

On the way back to MT on Amtrack - lots of delays and at the end of the train ride we got to watch another sun rise again
The Big One!

Spring Wildflower Trillium - on Blodgett Canyon Hike

Yes, I did put a picture of my scrapbook page on our blog... (This one's for you Liz!)
The greatest romantic getaway - that we know of anyways... we are open to suggestions though:-)

The magical sun-porch, really - look at those windows! There was a blooming apple tree just outside too:-)

Nice views of Flathead Lake

The Apple Tree for Grandpa Stanley
Since we lost the other photos :-( We decided to take a pic in the living room with the new belt
Wow! look at all this stuff - will it all fit?

Shane will make it fit!

And so will Carol! It all did fit - we were just under the 100lb each limit. Pretty crazy choices and re-packing a couple of times. But, we both have a new life skill - which is to be able to get all of the air out of a gallon zip-lok bag that has lots of rolled up clothing in it!


  1. Ooh I miss that lake! and I like the Tree pose :) miss you!

  2. So glad you liked the lake pics - we were definitely thinking of you:-) We ate some lefse at the second cabin too!

  3. Wow! I've been under that Lift bridge in Duluth before! Bruce and I went with my dad to see Lake Superior! We also ate a huge caramel apple at Rocky Mountain Candy Co. not far from the shore there in Duluth.
    I really like the "Carol doing tree pose" pic too. :) And the sunsets look gorgeous.