More Vacation...

Port St. John's, Wild Coast, Republic of South Africa

Lucky to find a toilet while traveling...

Finally arrived at our lovely cabin, in the dark... Happy to find a real bathtub, with real running hot water!
Happy Shane, coming down the stairs in our cabin
The "outdoor" shower/bathroom

The sunrise view, first morning...

Carol, with her cup of Starbucks VIA, watching the sunrise

You can see the cabin from here, it is the big one at the top:-)

The view from our porch!

Arggg matey... the empty cabins next door

Shane and another traveler picking up glass during our walk on the beach

Cows, sunbathing

3rd beach

Shane walking on 3rd beach

The rocks on 3rd beach, please note the big one in the distance...

Cool and big grasshopper

I love the tide pools!

Natural flower arrangement!

Plants are crazy... how is this growing?
Did you remember that big rock from the photo above? - this is on top... Carol kept looking back to see if the waves were about to sweep us off!

Here it is... also on top of that rock

Different pose, different rock, but cool arch thing!

Good restaurant!

We saw monkeys there - and in the foreground is a papaya tree.

Pointsettia - TREE!
Table with a view...

The view from our table... amazing!

The food... fresh fish, prawns, "chips," salad, feta and olives... also amazing!

Sunset on the beach...

The other side of the sunset on the beach - at the begining of twighlight, the purples from the sky were reflecting on the water that was left on the wet sand... breathtaking!

And of course, the perfect day of beach combing ends with a hot bath...
To get ready for our day with Offshore Africa... and the whales and dolphins!

This is how we stayed in the boat!

Village fisherman, in the river, before THE LAUNCH...

We made it out, and were rewarded with a great view of the gates to PSJ

The driver and boat

We see dolphins!

Shane, ready to snorkel with the dolphins... and sharks?

The snorkelers in the water...

There's a humpback whale out there - we also got a video, that you can see better...

Can you see yet why they call it the Wild Coast?

A lovely, successful day at sea - and we even made it through the rough water, even if we all got drenched!

Getting supper from the sea...

What is in that pot!?

YUM... with real butter!

Reusing old tires... truckbed liner

"Taxi" home, there were 12 people and a lot of bags, Shane couldn't sit up straight!

Beautiful sunset at home - made it just in time!


Sehlabatebe National Park, Lesotho

Sesotho Doctor (Ngaka oa Sesotho) practices traditional healing methods such as herbal remedies - Munchkin fans, you can see a few chicken feathers coming from her hat - Chicken on her head!

Friday hike, you can see the mountains of the park in the distant background

Weaver bird nests

Ready to go!

More mountain views, with the cluster of buildings that is a beautiful new environmental center that hasn't opened yet (the foreground is actually a severe ridge that drops off steeply but I don't think you can really tell in this photo)

Dining room of the lodge - fancy!

Lounging at the lodge

The Prime Ministers room (now you can rent it for R150 pp/night) - a good deal because it is fancy...

The front of the lodge

Us, with more beautiful scenery

Not the lodge - a "Cave house" not lived in anymore

Our adventurous host on top on the giant rock formations

Cool water plant

Shane keeps making me do these:-)

The four of us practicing with the auto timer

One of the trademark arches of the park


The overhang with the paintings. You can see they aren't very well preserved and between the sandstone eroding and the water and even smoke damage - it doesn't seem that these will last long

Bushman hunting eland

Shane waiting for the bus to be fixed - hour 2

Other people waiting for the bus to be fixed - hour 4

We are saved! By another bus.

Malealea Lodge, Lesotho

The band - with great dancing and traditional instruments made from "found" materials

I really should be submitting some of these to a calender somewhere

Just another nice view of field and mountains courtesy of Lesotho

Going on a hike with other PCVs

Look! Its fall! First time seeing the red leaves

This guy, a herd boy with his dogs, walked with us playing his "guitar" for a while



Our first room - made in traditional "Basotho hut" style

Our upgrade, with a beautiful view and our own bathroom (with a hot shower! and double bed!)

Couldn't help it!