Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"It's not the breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath away!"

Good Morning!  And Happy Belated Easter!
I have good news - I figured out how to add a seperate page connected to the main blog. We didn't really like the format in the blog when we posted the appartment pictures, so now you can click on the link in the sidebar to get a glut of "Sharol's" photos whenever you'd like!
We have been having an awesome time here in the Midwest! We very much enjoyed our visit in Des Moines. Please don't be mad at us if we end up going to graduate school in Iowa, it really is quite nice. We enjoyed our stay with Liz and Bruce, we went on a walk with them and got to see cardinals, and blooming plants everywhere - I understand it is still snowing in Bozeman, so that was a treat. It did rain the whole time we were down there so when we skipped to the next county over to check out the covered "Bridges of Madison County" and the birthplace of John Wayne, it was pouring on us. We were however, the only idiots out there being tourists on a rainy Tuesday morning in April, so that was OK (check out the photos  we took on the other page). We then cruised back up to Minneapolis (in the rain) and got to visit the University there and hang out more with our wonderful family. Shane did a lot of Jiu Jit Su while we were there - including testing to advance to the next belt level! We were all very excited for him! Video was taken but we have misplaced the memory card, so stay tuned and we will hopefully have a little snippet of the video of Shane getting beat up for your enjoyment.
We stayed downtown Friday night with Andrew and went to "The 90's" where we enjoyed the show and dancing and a few drinks. The next day we headed back up north to meet up with Carol's dad, who has since been treating us to the delux Lake Superior tour a la the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. We stopped in Duluth to check out the museum at the port, and then headed up to the Porcupine Mountains "The Porkies" to the locals. There, we enjoyed amzing scenery and nice hiking - we stayed in a primitive cabin right on the lake shore. We were able to watch the sun set (definitely check out those pics!) and then after hanging out around the campfire, the stars came out and we left the campfire for the shore to check out the sky from there - it was incredible! When morning came, dad woke us up early so we could also watch the sun rise over the lake, we got pretty spoiled with great weather and amazing views. After leaving the cabin, we went up to Lake of the Clouds which is its own lake, very close to Lake Superior, but with several hundred feet of elevation change in a short distance - it was pretty cool. There were some amazing views up there of both the Lake of the Clouds valley and Lake Superior! Now we are in dad's old stomping grounds of Houghton/Hancock on the Keewenaw penninsula of Upper MI. We will be touring the penninsula today and staying in another cabin tonight before we head back to Brainerd and then Minot; for more visiting and catching the train back to Great Falls. Check out the pics page, because the photos are way cooler than my verbose descriptions and we'd love to hear from you!
Shane and Carol

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  1. Hey guys! I hope all is well with you! You were sure traveling around a lot in April, I had no idea how much you two were doing. I hope everything is going smoothly and you guys are adjusting to training and being in the peace corps well! It seems like I haven't heard from you in ages. Work has been keeping me on my toes as well. I'm gonna go and check out your photos now!