Monday, January 21, 2013

Quick Check In

Hello Friends,

We, as always, hope you are reading this post in good health. I have been unsuccessful in uploading photos lately, appologies - I know they are much more interesting than my ramblings. I am still working it out.

Again, we've been busy here. We both spent some time in Maseru the week before last with work related things. One of the highlights was getting to go out for some delicious pizza and then we went to see the "new" James Bond - Skyfall movie at the theater. We also had a chance to socialize a little bit with some of the expats that we only occasionally get to see, which included a couple lovely meals!

Otherwise, things are continuing to go forward. I've told a few people that we are going home in July and they cannot believe and then they insist that we stay in Lesotho and apply for citizenship. I generally tell them that our mothers won't let us do that....

The days have been long and warm with plentiful raging rain and thunderstorms that allow us to enjoy the sound of the rain on the tin roof. Also, there have been butterflies everywhere, in big clouds, even as we were driving to and from Maseru they were all over the country. I may have noticed them more because of just finishing Barbara Kingsolver's great new book Flight Behavior. One funny thing in light of that, is that the Basotho I have talked to about the butterflies here, said they used to come out like this the week before Christmas, and they used to be multi-colored...

We are counting down the days until our vacation to Mozambique coming up in early February (hopefully I'll be able to get those photos up without a problem!) We are also excited to say that we have new neighbors! Six volunteer teachers joined us on our compound last week, they are from Wales. Three of them are living literally right next door to us. It has been really fun getting to know them so far, especially because we don't know a thing about Wales, and their accents and turn of phrase is really fabulous! (and they put sweet corn on pizza...) They are leaving in May, so we are sure that the time until we all leave will go even faster now with new friends! Also, they already love our cat so, everything is off to a great start!

I swear, once I get the photo thing figured out I'll do my soil erosion post. Also, I think the 2013 Healthy Youth volunteers will be getting their invites soon, so I might have to do another review of the things we brought!

I think that is the bulk of our news for now and we hope to hear from you all soon!

Hugs from Lesotho,

Carol and Shane


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  1. Speaking of Healthy Youth volunteers , I just received my invitation today to serve in Lesotho as one!!! Staging is June 5 =D