Monday, December 10, 2012

A weekend visit -

Dear Good People,
I'll keep this post pretty short but I wanted to post some photos from our trip this weekend to another volunteer's site. Above you can see the beautiful sky and the amazing cliffs that contributed to the village's name - fort (in Sesotho, of course), where the founding families of the village hid from attackers. We had a lot of fun just hanging out, touring her village, watching dung beetles... 
 Seriously, they are cool and we don't have them at our site - we think it is too cold. It was amazing because we saw different species too, with different sized dung balls, forming them and rolling them and working together like you can see in the above photo - Ok I'll stop talking about that now so you guys will keep reading!

Another volunteer from a nearby site also joined us to cook delicious food, talk and enjoy the beauty and friendliness of this lovely village where the scenery reminded us a bit of places we've been in Idaho!

Her host father was also plowing his fields with oxen while we were there and I always enjoy watching that... It is such a fascinating difference from tractors - and they even fertilize while they plow with no extra attatchments!

This "Abuti" was learning his role as "Ntate" and helping the men with plowing.

Wendy, had also been busy plowing in her amazing garden where she is even trying the "Three Sisters" interplanting technique. She has a really sweet cat too!
We got to visit a bakery with a wood-fired oven and Shane was helping the soccer team that Wendy is working with to improve some of their warm-up techniques. We, unfortunately didn't have time to go find some wild clay with her Sesotho tutor and make goblets from it - next time though....
As you can see, we had a great weekend with beautiful scenery and super-friendly people. It was a great little break for us, even though whenever we visit other volunteers we get to sleep on their floor on our sleeping pads -  she tried to make it as delux as possible. We definitely haven't done enough visiting of other volunteers because we are pretty far out and it is kind of expensive to go anywhere, and since we are in a town, when other people come to town we have the opportunity to meet up with them. It is a different way to be social really than what we are used to - to be with your host or visitors constantly, rather than in America when we had more opportunities to meet for coffee or have dinner or something.
Regardless, there's a bit about our latest highlight. Hope you all had a great weekend too.
Hugs and best wishes from both of us in Lesotho,
Carol and Shane

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