Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hello everyone,

I know I just posted on Monday, but this really caught my eye. It is from Swaziland and it discusses how some people are dealing with some similar circumstances to those here in Lesotho. For better or worse...

Our snow has been melting off quite quickly and it is in the low 70's today! This morning we sent our CHED 12 vistors on their way to their remote mountain site that they can finally reach. They have been in limbo between training and their site for a full week now. We enjoyed two nights with them (they are also a couple, a bit older than us) and had a lot of fun just visiting and even playing pinnochle! Shane and I agreed that Grandpa Jim would have scolded me for the way I really botched one hand... despite which, us ladies still won!

Our anniversary was yesterday (thanks so much for the lovely wishes) and it was interesting for a few reasons, but the main one was that we got TRAPPED inside our house! So, every PCV house must have burglar bars on all of the doors and windows- PC is really strict about enforcing that... yesterday, the lock on our burglar bar door - broke, with all of us stuck inside! We called Peace Corps, and after a couple hours someone did come to cut us out and replace the lock, before which, some of our neighbors came to stare at us through the locked "cage" door. I was just grateful that we are lucky enough to have our indoor toilet!

So, there is our news and a newsy tidbit from the NY Times!
Enjoy and have a great week -

Carol and Shane

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