Thursday, June 7, 2012

Newsy Tidbits...

Hello Everyone,
I thought I'd make this post to just fill you in on our newsy tidbits, before we go on VACATION to the Wild Coast for my birthday next week! We hope everyone back home is doing really well, we are thinking of you. We are still waiting in suspense for some packages that are supposedly still on the way - the lady at the Post Office is getting really sick of seeing our smiling faces every morning! The weather has been getting cold, low 50's in our house in the morning and evenings is becoming the norm. We got our stove going last night and it warmed the house about 5 degrees, and partially cooked a pot of chickpeas... (as you can see we are a little bit lacking in newsy tidbits!) Today has been cold and many people are talking about the first snow of the winter coming soon to the highlands... we'll see - and we're glad we are about to got to the beach. Our cat has been getting to the point where is is roaming around and not coming home for several hours, Shane made the comment that when it snows, we'll be able to see where he goes (remember, we don't have TV).

So, the elections have passed, the parliment just met for the first time and at this time everything is peaceful. The Prime Minister is resigning peacefully because the other parties formed a coalition government (this is what I hear, the radio news is, of course, in Sesotho). PC has just lessened our Emergency code by one step... so we take that as a good sign. We are being told to stay watchful, though here in the districts and villages isn't where things usually happen. So, there is that story for now.

Shane has been harvesting thatch for the roof of the Snake Park. His hands are getting all cut up from the grass. Also, he has been coming home with these delicious roasted potatoes that they have been taking directly from the ground and putting into the coals of a fire to cook. They come out with black charred skin that you peel off before you eat them (I'm kinda getting the idea that this is man food). He has brought some home for me to try though, and they have been delicous in potato salad. He's also been thinking about martial arts constantly - so he's happy!

I've been busy. I've been working with Sister Magdelena on the Water Charity project, building a rainwater collection tank from stones and concrete. She came up with the idea of asking the nearby primary school kids to help collect the stones - if each of the 400 took one, we'd have enough real soon. So, we did that, and in return we gave each student a half an orange and a lecture on why they should eat oranges instead of sweets, wash their hands before eating and volunteer to help others... very Peace Corps, can't let any opportunity get away. I've been teaching some of the Sisters basic computer skills too, that has been fun. We've lately been learning about folders and the right-click menu. I've also still been working with the business woman at the bakery, we are working on keeping her records in Excel, which has also meant teaching computers as we go - but she's a quick learner and hard worker, so she is really coming along and even typing 13wpm on the typing software! We had a small birthday party on Sunday for one of the orphans - I made a 2 layer cake, of which I was very proud and that they all loved and devoured rapidly. I've also been spending entirely too much time engrossed in editing the volunteer cookbook - but hopefully this will pay off in its usefulness to the new volunteers.

I think that is the main 'news'. We are really looking forward to this vacation. The Sardine Run is supposed to start really soon, so we are hoping to see some early... birds? while we are there. Along with some whales and dolphins, so please wish us luck. Other than that, sitting on the beach, enjoying the bathtub with real hot water that goes right into it. We'll have our own kitchen and a real grocery store nearby and I've even heard there is a small, fresh seafood market. Regardless, we've been kinda busy lately so it'll be great to relax a little bit before we come back to work again. Where I'll be doing a training session for the new volunteers and Shane will finally be recieving the money for his grant.

We are thinking of you all and hope you are well and enjoying real summer - except in Bozeman, I'm sure it is due to snow at least once more...

Hugs from Lesotho,
Carol and Shane

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  1. I kinda want to get a hold of that Lesotho cookbook... Anything to share? :)