Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Day in America - in the birthplace of the nation!

Hello again,
We wanted to post a quick little update - we made it very successfully to Philidelphia, all of our baggage has made it this far too... we are taking this as a good sign. It is really hot and humid here (suprise!) it was forty degrees when we left Great Falls in the morning and when we flew in the pilot announced that it was ninety-one degrees here! Shane almost flipped:-) For staging we registered ourselves and just got Yellow Fever vaccines. We have been meeting some of our fellow volunteers and will have more icebreakers and briefings this afternoon. Yesterday we had a fun time taking a couple of hours to wander around the historic district of Philidelphia, it is very cool (actually hot!) but there were so many cool old buildings, cobblestone streets and beautiful gardens, we even got to visit the US mint here- so check out the new photo page for a few fun photos! We head out super-early tomorrow morning and then get on the super-long flight to Africa. Check in again soon for our next posting from "The Mountain Kingdom."
Sending our best to all of you!
Shane and Carol

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